Cell phones and money we spend on them

Phone collection

Phone collection

Believe it or not cell phones have taken the world, but its all good in the technical and theservices they provide. As a developer myself only have an old mechanical button cell phone, though I had a touch screen phone, my experimentation faults broke it. It cost me USD600. The phone that I have now is USD80. Though its enough to make phone calls, text and basic music play I still miss the all fully featured aspects of a smart phone.

Why would a person need a smart phone? 

A Non-technical person asked me this question some time ago because he was upset about the price tag they come with. I have given him answers with two categories

Why would a general user need a smart phone?

This is a difficult question because the need of smart phone is universal to every general user however the difficulty varies with the literacy in use of gadgets. For instance, lets compare literacy level of an average 16 year old boy and his dad. Who would have the highest literacy in Hi tech gadgets like a phone, most of the time it’s the 16 year old and if we drill and compare grandparents, one could guess how helpless they get with high tech gadgets. 99% of time the time general user uses a smart phone on text, social media, taking photos, making calls and finding places. Nowadays users make less voice calls and do more Text and other Internet related activities or preferred. However, the new age services social media, GPS wouldn’t be useful for the low tech society due to their lack in literacy or unwillingness to learn new technologies. So the smart phone is an option only to a certain category of people who knows how to use AKA have literacy in Hi tech Gadgets. For the rest the old mechanical button phones are preferred.

Why would a developer need a smart phone?

This is quite the opposite but related with the general user, in fact with the needs of the general user. Start off with, who is a developer? A developer is person who makes and maintains software applications and services. Why developers need smart phones? One of task of the developer is to develop them and make sure that they work as they should be on a real size device. This means a developer basically fiddles with hardware such smart phones and sometimes overuse them to test the capabilities of applications in a demanded environment. To cut the story short, a developer strips, fiddles and bones a smart phone to the last digit so that the users would experience the full pledged power of High Tech devices when and where it’s necessary.

Bottom line, users should spend their money on Hi-Tech devices if they have these characteristics, Eger to learn and possess of moderate knowledge in modern devices.

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GUI design

GUI design

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who is manu ginobilll

as the titles says

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could a movie replace a good old book?

Like they say, nothing is better than reading a good old book in the weekend with a cuppa and some biscuits. How about watching a video version of that book…? I believe that the classic folks would not agree with me however, if some one really want to save time and at the same time enjoy a visual jest of that book, then who wouldn’t go for a movie.

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